Bill of Sale & Health Guarantee

       All of our puppies are given the best care possible while in our home and at the time of purchase
                          it is our firm belief that  he/she is in good health upon leaving our home.

     Breed:    BOXER
     Date of Birth: _______________________ Color:_________________________
     Registration Papers Received:           Yes         No                     Full        Limited     


      Purchase Price: $_________________ * Purchase price is Non-Refundable
      Paid in Full? (circle )          Yes         No
      *  A deposit of $100 is acceptable to be added to our waiting list and is Non-Refundable.

    Deposit:    $_______________________ Paid Date:___________________________
    Final Pmt: $_______________________ Paid Date:___________________________
    This Contract made this _________ day of __________________________. _______
    with____________________________________________________ (Buyers) and between
    Kathey Stanley "Kay's Hilltop Boxers" is in regard to the sale of the above listed puppy. Buyer
    agrees to buy and seller agrees to sell said puppy.
                                                                                  Sale Agreement

    At the time of sale, this puppy has received the required vaccination series and is considered and being
    sold as pet/companion quality. Kathey Stanley, "Kay's Hilltop Boxers"  breeder, offers no guarantee that
    disqualifying faults will not arise at a later date which would make this puppy unsuitable for the show ring.
    Seller does not guarantee the testicles to drop on a male dog/puppy. Breeder also, does not guarantee
    the size of said dog at maturity, whether purchased for breeding, show, exhibition, or as a companion.  
    Purchasing a limited registration puppy/dog, buyer will not receive their registration papers until
    puppy/dog has been spayed or neutered. If the puppy/dog HAS NOT been spayed or neutered by one
    year of age then registration papers are forfeited by the buyer. The seller will not pay any additional
    cost for the neutering or spaying of said puppy/dog. This is the sole responsibility of the buyer
                                                            72 Hour Health Guarantee

    This puppy/dog is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of delivery and seller will provide the
    Veterinarians health record of said puppy/dog. For your satisfaction and protection, we recommend the  
    puppy be examined by your licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours (unless this falls on a week-end or  
    Monday is a Holiday).  If you have other puppies/dogs we suggest you place the new arrival in quarantine  
    during this time and follow the advice of your own Veterinarian regards to the length of the quarantine  

    * If this puppy/dog is declared to be of unacceptable health by a licensed Veterinarian within the  
     guarantee  period of (first 72 hours) of the purchase/shipping date.
     The Veterinarian should issue a written statement of:
     1.  All diagnosis, including a detailed description of all symptoms supporting that diagnosis.
     2.  Any and all test results performed.
     3.  The reason why he/she feels the dog is a poor health risk.

      • Any medical problem must be reported to the seller in writing within 24 hours of its discovery.
      • The described written statements must be presented at the time the puppy is returned.
      • The buyer must return the puppy within 3 days of notifying the seller.
      • If the Buyer does not take the dog to a vet within 72 hours from the date of purchase, this
         warranty becomes null and void.
      • The buyer shall elect to keep the puppy or return the puppy to the breeder (at the buyer's
         expense) for a replacement puppy provided the puppy has not been injured or neglected.
      • As of the date of delivery, the puppy has received proper vaccinations and de-worming.  
      • The buyer has been given the documentation to support these procedures and has   
         been  informed of future vaccinations and de-worming dates.
          We DO NOT refund money, we replace the puppy with one of equal value from the same litter of
    available or another litter, only if Our Veterinarian is in agreement with the diagnosis of Your Veterinarian.
    Shipping costs are non-refundable. If puppy IS NOT examined by a licensed veterinarian, no guarantee is
    given. The seller will not replace any puppy or dog that has not received adequate and appropriate care
    from its new owner. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to provide immediate veterinary care (at the buyers
    expense)to any puppy or dog  showing signs of illness or distress and failure to do so will render any
    guarantee null and void. Should the puppy/dog die within one year of puppy/dog  birth date as a direct
    result of unknown (at the time of sale) congenital birth defect, said puppy/dog will be replaced only if an
    appropriate autopsy is performed by a licensed Veterinarian and a Vets certification is provided as proof of
    cause of death. Trauma, abuse or neglect will void this guarantee. The Buyer assumes responsibility of all
    expenses incurred in relation to the puppy/dog incurred at the request of the buyer before the puppy/dog
    leaves possession of the seller. If for any reason the puppy/dog is returned to the Seller, Buyer agrees to
    pay all expenses, including shipping costs, mileage and re-examination expenses of Sellers Veterinarian.

                                                                     Six Month Health Guarantee
                         *All Items covered under this guarantee are by replacement only.
                                                                We do not give refunds.

    During the first six months of the puppy's life, should he/she be diagnosed with any life threatening
    illnesses that are attested to by two unassociated veterinarians and the reason of illness is congenital, the
    breeder will replace the puppy. If the dog dies within this six month time frame, the buyer will pay to have it
    autopsied to ascertain reason. Animal must be diagnosed with the defect by 2 non-associated, licensed
    vets by 6 months of age.  Breeder must be notified at once at the onset of the problem, in writing, with a
    report from both veterinarians. Both Vet reports must state the same problem. Seller's veterinarian will
    interpret the reports and if he agrees, then a replacement puppy will be given. The replacement puppy will
    be of the same value and sex of the first puppy. Breeder guarantees a healthy companion pet but does
    not guarantee fitness for breeding or to be of show quality. In the event that said puppy/dog should be
    diagnosed with a medical problem that can be cured, this would not qualify for a replacement puppy/dog.  
    Limited registration puppies are to be spayed or neutered by the 1 year of age unless written
    arrangements are agreed upon and documented on the reverse side of the page and signed by both
                                               *No refund, in part or in full will be given.

    There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, for example: Coccidia, kennel
    cough, cancer (Cancer can be genetic, environmental or just a random mutation), demodectic mange,
    scabies, growths, allergies, and other autoimmune system disorders that are not covered in this
    guarantee. Coccidia & Kennel Cough, are common in puppies that are shipped and are caused by
    bacteria. Both are not life-threatening and are easily treated. Kennel Cough is like a common cold and
    must run its course.  However, due to complex genetic interactions and environmental factors beyond our
    control, we cannot guarantee that a puppy purchased from us will be free of genetic disorders.  Should a
    puppy be found to have such a genetic disorder, we do provide you with several options listed in this
    contract. The seller does not guarantee the testicles to drop on a male puppy/dog sold as a companion.
    Breeder does not guarantee the size of said dog at maturity, whether purchased for breeding, show
    exhibition or as a companion.  This guarantee does not include uneven bites, or umbilical hernias.    
                                                           ****Buyers Responsibilities****

     1.  Provide puppy with routine preventive care.
     2.  Annual physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian.
     3.  Give all immunizations in a timely manner.
     4.  Administer heart worm preventative monthly.
     5.  Breeder is not responsible for veterinary costs incurred by the dog.
     6.  Breeder is not responsible for transportation costs incurred in returning or replacing the dog.
     *  This contract applies to the original buyer only and is non-transferable to a second party.
     *  This contract is null and void if any of the terms and conditions are not fulfilled.
     *  It is recommended that a better pet is made by having your new pet spayed or neutered at
        approximately 6 months to 1 year of age.

                  Puppy must be paid for in full before being shipped or at time of pick up.  
                                               All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

    If Buyer or Seller commences any legal action as a result of this contract, Buyer agrees the place of venue
    for such action shall be in Tyler County, Texas. Buyer assents to personal jurisdiction within such venue
    regardless of the place of residence and agrees that any judgment obtained is enforceable within the
    jurisdiction that they reside in as if obtained within that jurisdiction. If for any reason Buyer decides to take
    action outside of Sellers place of venue (Tyler County, Texas) then Seller may choose to file suit in Tyler
    County, Texas regardless of Buyers home jurisdiction, against the Buyer in the amount of five hundred
    dollars ($500.00) plus any and all additional expenses and loss of income caused by Buyers filing in the
    wrong jurisdiction.

    Buyer agrees that he/she understand this contract fully, and that  this contract is under the jurisdiction of
    the State of Texas.  The following signatures make this contract legal and binding upon all parties thereto.
    Owner's Signature:_____________________________________  Date:______________________
    Buyer's Signature:______________________________________ Date:______________________  
                               This completed contract has been copied and presented
                                                        to the owner of the puppy.   
Kay's Hilltop Boxers