Kay's Hilltop Boxers
                              Stud Services
                                      Conditions of Contract
    Our requirements prior to a breeding agreement.
    1.  A copy of your females AKC Registration Certificate.
    2.  A  four-generation pedigree (legible).
    3.  Recent photo's of the female.
    We reserve the right to refuse this stud service to any person for any reason.

    *** If breeding agreement is established  ***
    All proposed females must meet the following conditions:
    1. Must be at least 18 months old and under 8 yrs old.
    2. Must be in good health
    3. Must be free of fleas and ticks
    4. Must be BATHED within 2 days of arrival
    5. Must be of stable temperament     
    Initial here:______________

    Your Responsibilities are as follows:
    1. Provide a certified negative Brucellosis test (on letterhead) from a licensed Vet and dated no more than
       14 days before the breeding.
    2. Provide copies of current vaccinations and Rabies.
    3. Pay all transportation costs for the female as/if needed.
    4. Pay all vet costs at the time of service, if vet care is needed while the female is with the stud owner.
    5. A boarding fee of $5.00 per day will be charged if stay extends beyond 7 days.
    6. Food for the female must be provided by the dogs owner.
    7. Owner/Co-Owner of the female hereby agrees that owner of stud will not be held liable for any  
       sickness, injury, accident, or death of said female while under the care of the stud owner.
    8. The females owner must be willing and able to provide care for the litter and agree
        that puppies shall not be sold to anyone that sells or consigns to a pet shop, kennel or dog broker,
        who’s purpose is mass production, wholesaling, or retailing of purebred dogs.
    9. It is also understood that no puppy whelped by this female will be sold or given away to rescue centers,
       dog pounds, or unfit homes.       
      10. All puppies must be sold on limited registration. Only the stud owner and the of the female owner are
allowed  to have puppies/dogs that are not limited registration. If female owner decides to sell the
puppy/dog at a later date the puppy/dog must be neutered or spayed prior to the selling or they
must have written consent from the stud owner to sell said dog/puppy.
Initial here:_____________

* Females owner agrees to furnish the stud owner with color photos of all surviving litter pups.
    * Owner of  the stud is not obligated to sign the litter registration form until photos are received
      and pick of litter is chosen by Kay's Hilltop Boxers or until $1000 fee is paid in full.
    * Stud owner will choose puppy by the 6th week of birth. No puppy conceived from this litter shall
      be sold or removed from the litter until stud owner has chosen the puppy of choice for stud  fee.
    * Stud owner has sole discretion of naming this puppy.
    * If in whelp the female changes ownership, the terms of this contract remain in force, and this contract
     is to be given to and explained to the new owners. The new owners are bound  by this agreement.            
    Initial here:_____________

     If Buyer or Seller commences any legal action as a result of this contract, Buyer agrees the place of        
    venue for such action shall be in Tyler County, Texas. Buyer assents to personal jurisdiction within such
    venue regardless of the place of residence and agrees that any judgment obtained is enforceable within
    the jurisdiction that they reside in as if obtained within that jurisdiction. If for any reason Buyer decides to
    take action outside of Sellers place of venue (Tyler County, Texas) then Seller may choose to file suit in
    Tyler County, Texas regardless of Buyers home jurisdiction, against the Buyer in the amount of five
    hundred dollars ($500.00) plus any and all additional expenses and loss of income caused by Sellers
    filing in the wrong jurisdiction.

                                                    STUD SERVICE POLICY
                          The stud fee at Kay's Hilltop Boxers is Pick of the Litter or $1000.
                  Two live saleable colored puppies, seven days old, constitutes a litter.

                             In the event only one puppy is born a $1000 stud fee is required.
                  If the female does not whelp any living puppies, a return service will be given
                            the same female at her next heat cycle without an additional fee.
                                                 There will be "NO "  Refunds of any kind.

                    The owner of the female guarantees this female has not been exposed
                         to any stud dog prior to her arrival and that he/she will protect her
                                                  from exposure upon her return home.

              Any amendments, or additions to this contract will be listed below and/or detailed
       on the reverse side of this page and initialed by both the stud owner and the female owner.

                                            **** Additional Agreements or Comments ****

                     Stud Owners Initials:_______ Female Owner/Co-Owners Initials:_______


                                                                   Kay's  Hilltop  Boxers
                                                                  Stud Service Contract
    * My signature below constitutes an agreement that I have read , understand and agree to the       
    policy and conditions of the stud service contract and agree to breed my female Boxer.

    Name and titles____________________________________________________________
    AKC Number__________________Date of Birth________________Color_____________
    Sire Color_____________________________ Dam Color___________________________
    Phone (Home)__________________(Cell)_________________(Work)_________________

    Name and titles____________________________________________________________
    AKC Number__________________ Date ofBirth________________ Color____________
    Sire Color_____________________________Dam Color___________________________
    Phone (Home)_________________(Cell)________________(Work)__________________


                                                  PLEASE SIGN AND DATE BELOW

                      STUD FEE:  Kay's Hilltop Boxers is Pick of the Litter or $1000.
      * Two live saleable colored puppies, seven days old, constitutes a litter.
      * In the event only one puppy is born a $1000 stud fee is required.
      * If the female does not whelp any living puppies, a return service will be given the
        same female at her next heat cycle without an additional fee.
                                              There will be "NO " Refunds of any kind   
      * Any and all amendments, additions, or changes to this contract are previously stated
        on this form and/or noted on the back of this document and initialed by both parties.

       Paid in full? (circle)            Yes               No  
       Paid  $_______________________ Date:________________
       Balance Due: $____________ Due Date:________________ Pd Date:_______________
       Pick of the Litter by the age of 6 weeks WITH AKC Registration papers:____________
       1st Breeding date:_____________________2nd Breeding date:____________________
       Additional Breeding dates:__________________________________________________
       Females approx. Whelping date:_________________________ (62 days from Breeding)
         * It is understood that Owner of the Stud is not obligated to sign the application for
    registration until the stud fee has been paid in full , or pick of the litter has been received.


       Both parties agree to all the listed arrangements and terms:
       Female's Owner/Co-Owner:_________________________ Date:______________________
       Stud's Owner/Co-Owner:     _________________________ Date:______________________

                                      This completed contract has been copied and presented
                                                        to the owner/co-owner of the female.